Big Island Hurricane, Volcanoes and Earthquakes

The Big Island has it all, including the occasional volcanic eruption, hurricane, and earthquakes!

When you’re away from your home with only the national media as a source to rely on, the uncertainty of not knowing the condition of your property is extremely stressful.  There really is no way of knowing without having the property checked for damage. This is one of the reasons owning property in Hawaii is vastly different than owning a vacation home on the Mainland.  The travel is much more expensive and inconvenient just to check the condition of your property.

Big Island PMC acts as your boots on the ground, looking for visible signs of any damage when one of these unexpected events happens. Just contact us, and we’ll take the time to check your property and report back to you promptly.

Until recently, the weather on the Big Island was considered somewhat predictable and consistent.   Although, the recent hurricanes, volcanic activity, and earthquakes have changed this perception and our Island.  It was also a reminder that we’re vulnerable to extreme changes and unpredictable weather patterns.  The difference between these recent occurrences is that more areas than usual were affected, even if not directly impacted.  The earthquakes were felt throughout the entire Island, VOG was at record highs, and hurricanes flooded various parts of the Island.

There is a common misconception that these events only happen on the Southern and East (Windward) sides of the Island.  Now that we’re permanent residents, we’ve learned this isn’t true, and all areas have the potential for impact.  Earthquakes can be felt throughout the Island and cause cracks in flooring and walls.  There can also be cracked pipes underground that may affect plumbing and irrigation pipes. You would not be aware of a broken pipe in your home until you return and find it flooded.  Puddles of water outside the house can identify a crack in irrigation or an increase in the water bill may alert you to this, but you need someone to look for the leak.

The wind from a hurricane or even a passing storm that doesn’t make national media can tear shingles from your roof, damage solar panels, and trees.  The landscape can also have damage from flooding, improper drainage or rising tides that occur for many other reasons.  Another issue that most people are unaware of is a typical increase with pest infestation after these events.

Note: Big Island PMC is not a licensed inspector and only looking for obvious and visual damage to your property.  We can assist with our coordination services if you hire a licensed inspector to check for structural damage.

The post-storm rate is an additional charge for inspecting your property and not included in your basic service plan.