Hawaii Handyman Repair

Big Island PMC has the resources and knowledge for fixing minor home repairs for you.  The Owner of our company is a Master Plumber and has worked in the construction industry for 35 years.  This allows us to assess the level of repair in a timely manner.  Our detailed report will have an explanation of any issues identified with photos and recommended course of action.  If a more complicated situation needs repair, we can assist you in finding the appropriate contractor and coordinate access to the property.

You can also contact us while vacationing at your property for assistance with repairs. Spending your time doing repairs is not the way to rest and relax when on vacation.  You’ll find that these tasks which should be simple, and routine suddenly become more time consuming and tedious when living on an Island.  Especially if you don’t live close to one of the few towns that may have the supplies, parts or tools needed for the job.  The options for repairs are limited here compared to living on the Mainland, which has the convenience of big box stores available everywhere.  We have limited resources for “quick fix” solutions, and a DIY project can quickly turn very frustrating when you would rather be at the beach!  If you live in a condominium with limited storage space, chances are that you probably don’t have the tools either because the closets are full of beach gear.