Hawaii Concierge and Consulting Services

Big Island PMC concierge services help you begin your vacation with the feeling of Aloha once you arrive!  We all know that the first stop after the airport usually involves a trip to the store for groceries and supplies.  This can be quite a chore and unpleasant, especially with children that only want to get to the beach or if you have a late arrival.  We offer these services, so you can avoid that first trip to the grocery store and begin your vacation once you land.

Aloha welcome (E komo mai) and goodbye (A hui hou) concierge services:

Let us make that stop at the store before you arrive! Provide us with the list of essentials for your first few days, and it will be stocked in your home when you get there. We can arrange cleaning and preparation services, so it feels as if you never left!

We can also help if you’re leaving in a hurry or don’t want to spend your last day on the Island cleaning up. We’ll arrange the cleaning and make sure nothing was left on that shouldn’t be, and all entries secured.

Consulting services:

Big Island PMC can assist with the coordination and supervision of deliveries to your home while you’re away or even here on the Island but have better things to do with your time.  We can also monitor renovation projects or improvements to your property while you’re away.  A progress report and photos of any work being completed will be emailed to you.

Transportation services from Kona Airport:

We can arrange for your vehicle to be parked at the airport for your arrival or return it to your residence upon your departure.  This gives you more control of your schedule and ability to go any direction after landing or one last stop at your favorite restaurant before leaving!    

Vehicle safety inspection and registration renewals:

We may also be able to assist with obtaining safety and registration renewals, preventing you from dealing with this hassle on your first day of vacation!  Our detailed report helps you keep track of when they expire so you can make arrangements for us to assist you getting them current before you return.